SAN - Crack Shack

May 26, 2018


A few weeks back, on a quick impromptu visit to San Diego, I was looking for a place for lunch.  I whipped out YELP to see what options there were in the area, and found a restaurant with good reviews called "Crack Shack" ( that specialized in chicken. 


I went to the website and knew it was a place I MUST visit once I saw that it was owned by "Top Chef" Richard Blais as he was one of my favorites from Top Chef!  As Richard says on their website “There’s no reason a $12 chicken sandwich can’t be treated like a $90 roast chicken.”


Crack Shack - Little Italy

2266 Kettner Blvd
San Diego, California

(619) 795-3299



Sunday - Thursday: 9am-10pm
Friday - Saturday: 9am-11pm

(they currently have 3 locations - soon to be 5 - all in California)


 The restaurant is an "outdoor" space, with some areas covered.  Most of the seating is in long benches, although there are some smaller tables if you'd like to sit alone.  


They are known for their fried chicken.  Although I've heard that other items on the menu are good as well, on both visits, I got the fried chicken.  It is absolutely delicious, tender and flavorful.  Because the chicken is so fresh and cooked so well, they issue a "warning" card with every order (presumably to keep people from returning their orders thinking they are undercooked).



Now, take a look at this absolutely delicious fried chicken. The breading and seasoning is ON POINT.  It is extremely crispy and delicious.  The juice literally falls from the chicken when you are eating it!  (My mouth is watering even talking about it - it's THAT good!)


 They do have a sauce bar available for those who would like some sauces with their chicken.  All of the sauces are great!  Sauces include ranch, sweet heat, sriracha 1000 island, baja hot sauce, ketchup (cracksup), and kimchi barbecue. 



Additionally, their salads are delicious.  Great FRESH ingredients with amazing flavor. We got the "baja chop", which happens to be their most popular side salad.


 On our first visit, we tried the classic slaw.  Admittedly, it was a little bland, and we likely wouldn't get it again in the future.

If you're looking to indulge in any libations, they do have a full bar available!


If you're looking for a great lunch/dinner spot in San Diego that won't break the bank, try Crack Shack!  It is definitely one of our "go to" places now when we visit San Diego.





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