Oasis of the Seas Live Blog – Day 6 – Labadee

Today we are in Labadee, Royal Caribbean’s private island.  More specifically, it’s a private area – since its part of Haiti.

It’s a sad day today since its our last port of call. One more sea day and we are home. Boo!

This morning, we decided to go to breakfast at Johnny Rockets. When we got there at 9:30am, we were told that they were about to close for a mandatory crew drill, so they asked us to go to the Windjammer or main dining room for breakfast. I have an extreme dislike of the Windjammer for breakfast, so of course we chose to go to the main dining room. 


Eggs Benedict (with other “extra” items)

Omelette with bacon and hash browns

After breakfast, time to head to Labadee!

The best invention ever – escalators down to the gangway!

 Today, we are in Labadee from about 8am until 5:30pm, so we have a full day to enjoy the beach, sun and have fun.

We had made reservations to jet ski at 1pm.  But, we wanted to lay on the beach first.

Wow she sure is a beauty!

Labadee is beautiful!  Next time, I’m going zip lining!  Lunch was great – burgers, hot dogs, chicken, ribs, German potato salad, corn/bean salad, rice & beans, fresh fruits and cookies. The line was a bit confusing as you entered where the desserts were, and the condiments were before the meats, causing people to have to backtrack.  I’m thinking maybe it was just set up backwards today.

I was surprised that the drinks purchased in Labadee are now included with the unlimited drink package!  I was prepared to pay, but was pleased to find out the are included!

The beaches are beautiful.  We were asked if we wanted a beach chair and were asked if we preferred sun or shade.  We asked for partial sun, and the guide found a nice place for us.  They do appreciate and expect a tip, so please come prepared.  We gave have him  $4 ($1 per chair) and he seemed to appreciate it.  We were right behind this local band.

Some more great pics…. I love this place! It definitely is one of Royal Caribbean’s best stops!!!!  And just one more reason Royal Caribbean is a little ahead of the pack when it comes to cruise lines. After this cruise, they have reaffirmed my belief that they are my favorite cruise line. NCL would be my second favorite, but the entertainment on board this ship blows NCL out of the water, and they dont seem to “nickel and dime” you to death like NCL.  For example, to purchase an unlimited drink package on NCL, they charge you $79 per person, per day, and the first two adults in any cabin must purchase it.  On Royal Caribbean, the same drink package (which actually includes more – like bottled water) is $55 per person, per day, and they do not require both adults to purchase it.  Although, if only one person purchases it and tries to share, they are alerted to that on their computers and keep a very close eye on you.  So, my public announcement – PLEASE do not ruin it for others.  Do not share your drink package.  

One other note about tips. If you want really good bar service on board, bring a bunch of $1 bills.  We always tip $1 per drink. We got amazing bar service on board. We learned that all service charges and tips added to the bills are pooled amongst the bar staff. Cash tips they are allowed to personally keep. So, you will normally get very fast drink service if you tip with cash. We have had the same experience on all cruise lines. So, we normally get a lot of $1 bills before going on any cruise. 

Now it’s time to jet ski! Our guide offered to take photos for us!  He took lots of photos… here are a few! We gave the guide a nice tip for all of the great photos.

Jetskiing was amazing!  I always love doing it in Labadee.  The water is beautiful! Now for some great ship pics before we board. Do we have to leave???

Time to get back on the ship. 

Spent some more time in the Solarium before our dinner at 150 Central Park again!!!!

Note: This is the next to last sailing on the Oasis with the current 150 Central Park menu & concept.  In two weeks, the restaurant will change to the same menu currently being offered on the Allure & Harmony, with the ability to order of a menu.

The new dinner menu can be viewed here: http://media.royalcaribbean.com/content/shared_assets/pdf/menus/150centralpark_OA_AL.pdf

The new dessert menu can be viewed here: http://media.royalcaribbean.com/content/shared_assets/pdf/menus/150centralpark_cheesecart.pdf

150 Central Park is the creation of James Beard chef Michael Schwartz who owns Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink in Miami. He created 150 Central Park with a commitment to sustainable and seasonal food sourcing that offers the freshest, most distinct ingredients. 

In addition to the amazing food at 150 Central Park, the restaurant features a signature cocktail that is a must try and can only be ordered at dinner here – The 150 Central Park Cucumber Martini.

The drink is light and very refreshing. It’s a must try!  One of the best cocktails I’ve had on board!

Here is the recipe. I’m definitely making this at home. 

Enjoying the fresh bread, unsalted butter and delicious salts from around the world again. 

So excited for the meal to come! We loved the first menu and can’t wait to try the second one tonight!

First course – Baby beets 

Second course – Slow roasted Butternut squash soup

Third course – Homemade fettuccini

Fourth course – Mahogany Black cod

Fifth course – Pan roasted filet au poivre (my friend who doesn’t eat meat was given jumbo shrimp)

Sixth course – Chocolate salted caramel Pana cotta 

Another absolutely amazing dinner!!!  One of the best meals I’ve ever had (on land or sea). The way the servers curate each course explaining the flavors you will taste is amazing. While the menu is changing from this tasting menu in two weeks, I look forward to trying that menu too!

After dinner, we went to see “Come Fly With Me”, the production show.  We missed the first few minutes since dinner is a 2 1/2 hour experience,  but what we did see was amazing. I know I said it before, but I’ll say it again – the level of entertainment on this ship is fantastic!

After the show, we ran into Kung Fu Panda in the Royal Promenade. 

Oh, and for anyone who is interested in tonight’s main dining room menu:

That’s it for today. Another amazing night on the Oasis of the Seas has come to a close! Why do we have to leave Saturday?  There is so much I still haven’t done!

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