Oasis of the Seas Live Blog – Day 3 – At Sea

I ordered room service once again for 7:30am which arrived early today. I do like that they call your room before coming. This way I’m ready to answer the door. 

Our plan was to take it easy this morning and relax. We wanted to go to Izumi Sushi for lunch today. So, today, in addition to my tea, I got some eggs, bacon and hash browns to hold me over. 

We decided to walk around a bit and explore the ship some more before lunch. 

We haven’t gone to Johnny Rockets yet, but we plan to.  Breakfast is free here, and lunch/ dinner is a service charge. 

We had been wanting to try out the complimentary hot dog stand.  It just opened, so why not!

I had a veal dog with sauerkraut and mustard.  Yum!  I forgot to take a photo, but I’m sure I’ll be back. 

Now it’s time for Izumi Sushi! Izumi is a la carte. 

Edemame (complimentary)

Shrimp and vegetable tempora

Spicy ramen

After lunch, it was time again for the pool. 

They had rescheduled our “Oasis of Dreams” water show at 5:15pm.  So, we had to get ready for dinner and head for the show.  Wow. The show was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

What an incredible show!  It would be even better at night.  Now, time for dinner!

Our server knows me well with my cheese plate, and brought it to us as we sat down.

We all got out wine…

French onion soup

Asian style pork tacos (these were so good!)

Escargot  (Kevin said this was the best main dining room escargot he’s has had on board a ship)

Salmon tartar  (Kevin said this was also good!)

Shrimp cocktail

Garlic tiger shrimp (these were very good – they come with the shells on.  We asked for extra, and our server brought us two extra plates full of shrimp!)

Chicken parmesan  (very tasty!)

Dessert menu

Warm donuts (My least favorite item of the night – dry and tasteless)

Tres Leches (very good!)

Royal Chocolate cake

After dinner,  we strolled through the Royal Promenade where we ran into the Madagascar penquins 

Kevin got me a belated birthday gift – an Invicta watch!  I’ve always wanted one. We got a free case too. Love it! Thank You!

After the spontaneous purchase, we decided to see the water show again! This time at night. It is really good at night. Especially with the lighting. As it turns out, it started raining during the show and they had to stop the show. After the rain stopped, they restarted. But, they had to cut a few scenes. We are glad we saw it earlier!

Another great day has come to a close.  Tomorrow is Saint Maarten!