Oasis of the Seas Live Blog – Day 2 – Sea Day

I placed a room service order on the TV for some tea at 7:30AM and it arrived on time. They called the room first before delivering.

Just a note on our two cabins. As you know, we are in a central park balcony, and our friends are in a boardwalk balcony. While it was a bit louder in their room the first day, I think when we return to this ship, we will book a boardwalk balcony. The ability to be able to see the ocean is a nice added bonus. Don’t get me wrong, our room is nice and is very quiet,  but I miss being able to see the ocean while standing on the balcony. 

By now it was getting close the 9AM and we wanted to get some breakfast before going up to the pool deck for some sun.  I know how the pool gets on sea days usually.


Eggs Benedict

Egg white omelette

Express breakfast 

After breakfast, we explored the ship a bit.

Stopped by 150 Central Park, where we would be having dinner tonight.

Checked out the SPA & gym… For a ship of this size, I do think the gym is a little small.

Then off to ride thr carousel on the boardwalk.

Okay, now it was time to get changed and get some sun.  We were a bit concerned that we would have some trouble finding beach chairs, but we’re amazed at how many were available – even in the middle of the afternoon on a beautifully sunny day at sea. I don’t know if it’s always like this,  but I’ll be sure to let you know as the week progresses. 

After a little while here, we went to the adults only solarium. 

After some sun, it was time to get ready for dinner at 150 Central Park!

150 Central Park 

A selection of sea salt from around the world. Each with a unique flavor. They provided unsalted butter with the bread so you could taste the different salts. My favorite was the smokey salt.
The salts included:

  • Alaea  (Hawaiian sea salt)
  • Kala Namak  (Black mineral salt from India)
  • Sel De Mar  (Mediterranean sea salt from France)
  • Sel Gris  (Mediterranean grey salt from France)
  • Salish  (Smoked Alder salt from Washington state)
  • Murray River (Pink flake salt from Australia)

First course – Roasted vegetable salad

Second course – Red pepper soup

Third course – Homemade ricotta and porcini mushroom tortellini 

Fourth course – Pan roasted Pacific halibut 

Fifth course – Braised Harris Ranch Beef Short Rib (My friend doesn’t eat beef, so they substituted shrimp for him)

Sixth course – bittersweet chocolate burbon tart

After dinner, we went to see Cats.


This is the first full length Broadway show at sea and they have intermission halfway through. The show is long.  It started at 8:30pm and ended at 11:15pm with a 15 minute intermission included. My thoughts on Cats are the performance was outstanding, actually the best I’ve ever seen. The story line is very slow, and I saw people walking out quite often. After intermission, quite a few people did not return. 

After Cats, it was time for bed!

For those interested in the Main Dining Room menu for night 2: