Oasis of the Seas Live Blog – Day 1 – Embarkation

Well, the time has come!  It seemed like so far away when we booked the cruise, but today is the day!

We booked the 10am shuttle from the Fairfield Inn to Port Everglades.  We arrived at the port by 10:30.  Wow is she big!

There were absolutely no lines inside. We were checked in and in the waiting area by 10:45. They were not boarding yet so we all sat in the Diamond section. This is one Crown and Anchor perk – they allow you to bring non-diamond members with you. 

At 11:25am they started boarding suite guests, and the C&A tiers.

By 11:45, we were onboard – now what?

Wow – she’s is one beautiful ship!

We decided to head up to the Windjammer for lunch.  Good thing we got there when we did – it got very busy later – and they even had a queue line to enter.

Time for our first cocktail!  Taking advantage of our drink package!  Pina Colada it is!

Overall thoughts so far on Oasis? 

The ship looks great!  They do a good job keeping things looking fresh.  You can tell that they were ready to roll out dynamic dining with the dining rooms having each having different names and decor. In fact, there are signs up that say “Wonderland”, even though it isn’t a restaurant they offer on board.

My cabin is on deck fourteen right in central park. Our friends are on deck ten overlooking the boardwalk.  More to come on the cabins!

Here is the view from our friends boardwalk balcony:

This evening we are having dinner in the main dining room (we were assigned to the Grande dining room on the 4th floor) at 6pm.  We also had reservations for the aqua show at 9:30.
There are four of us in my group and we all purchased the unlimited drink package. I noticed that a lot of people have the drink package on board. If you are on the fence about the drink package, and you think you’ll have more than 4-5 drinks per day, it’s a good value. I have posted some of the drink menus below.

Dinner in the Grande main dining room

We were excited to try the new dining room menus on the Oasis – which launched about a month ago.

The food was VERY good.

Creamy Wild mushroom soup

Crispy shrimp 

French onion soup

Caesar salad

Beef carpaccio 

Shrimp cocktail

Spicy grilled pork chop

Horseradish crusted salmon

Spaghetti Bolognese

Peach blueberry cobbler (this was our least favorite item of the night)

Artisnal cheese plate

Sugar free strawberry ice cream

Creme brulee

Warm hazelnut chocolate cake (best dessert of the night)

Post Dinner – Aqua Show
After dinner we walked around the ship prior to the 9:30 aqua show.  At around 8:30, they announced that the show was postponed due to high winds. It was rescheduled to 5:30pm Sunday.  So, we decided to walk around and explore the ship.

Now, back to the room for some much needed rest.  One more look at Central Park!  I still am amazed how you do not feel this ship moving at all… even with how windy it is outside!

Tomorrow, we are at sea….

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