Oasis of the Seas Live Blog – Introduction

Royal Caribbean’s Oasis class ships, which made their first debut in 2009, are still their flagship vessels in their fleet. They are 225,000 tons, holding 5,400 passengers and 2,300 crew-members, which make them the largest cruise ships at sea. There are currently three Oasis class ships: Oasis of The Seas, Allure of The Seas and Harmony of the Seas. Oasis came out first in 2009 and sister Allure followed shortly after in 2010. Harmony of the Seas launched this year (May 2016) and there are currently plans for two additional Oasis class ships – one in 2018 and the second in 2021. These ships offer something unique that you can’t find on any other cruise ship.

What makes Oasis Class so unique?

The Oasis Class was a game changer for Royal Caribbean and for the cruising industry. In fact, they have seven unique neighborhoods that really create a WOW factor.

Oasis of the Seas offers passengers features such as two-story loft suites and luxury suites measuring 150 m2 (1,600 sq ft) with balconies overlooking the sea or promenades. The ship features a zip-line, a casino, a miniature golf course, multiple night clubs, several bars and lounges, a karaoke club, comedy club, five swimming pools, volleyball and basketball courts, theme parks and nurseries for children. Many of the ship’s interiors were extensively decorated by muralist Clarissa Parish.

Onboard recreational, athletic, and entertainment activities are organized into seven themed areas called “neighborhoods”, a concept which bears resemblance to theme park planning.

Central Park features boutiques, restaurants and bars, including access to the Rising Tide bar, which can be raised or lowered between three decks. It has the first living park at sea with over 12,000 plants and 56 trees.

The Pool and Sports Zone features a sloped-entry beach pool and two surf simulators.

Vitality at Sea Spa and Fitness Center features a spa for teens. The gym has 158 cardio and resistance machines, classes, and a range of spa services.

Boardwalk features a handcrafted carousel, restaurants, bars, shops, two rock-climbing walls, and a temporary tattoo parlor. Its outdoor 750-seat AquaTheatre amphitheater hosts the ship’s largest freshwater pool.

Royal Promenade features restaurants and shops and is viewable from a mezzanine.

Youth Zone features a science lab and computer gaming.

Entertainment Place features the ship’s main theater, as well as an ice skating rink, a nightclub, the casino, and smaller venues for jazz and comedy performances.

We will be cruising on Oasis of The Seas – 7 night Eastern Caribbean Cruise.

Our itinerary:

Now that we have briefly discussed the Oasis Class and what they have to offer, we are sailing on her TOMORROW! That’s right! We are headed out to sea for a seven day Eastern Caribbean cruise and plan on bringing you with us.

Some of the topics I’ll be blogging about include our dining experiences, the unlimited alcohol package, shows, pool deck, etc. We also have a 3 night specialty dining package – so we will share our experiences at those restaurants as well.

We will be driving from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale today.

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